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Fusco Senior Sec. School Pooparamba, Annual Report 2016-17



“The Lord has done mighty things for us… Great is His name”. My Heart Overwhelms with gratitude to God and to each of you as I recall the goodness the mighty Lord has poured upon this growing institution during the academic year 2016. It’s praiseworthy to note that the school has grown and spread its wings with the blessings of the Almighty through the intercession of beloved founder St.Alfonso M Fusco, and with the collaboration of supportive parents, dedicated band of teaching and non teaching staff and the congregation at large. Fusco Senior Sec.School took its root in the soil of Pooparamba in the year 1999 from then it has grown in strength over the years that brought Laurels to the school.

Fusco’s Senior Sec.chool offers its students an environment filled with joy, freedom and friendship, in line with the thoughts and belief of our founder Saint Alfonso Maria Fusco. We recall with a sense of pride, all the hard work initiated by the entire Fusco family that brought glory to the school.

Memories…… 2016-17

The scholastic year 2016-17began on 1st June with its 9th batch of X Std students and 5th batch of Plus Two students. A special Eucharistic celebration was arranged to strengthen our relationship with God and our fellowship with one another as we began the journey together in the new academic year.

Applause and Accolades

The stunning performance of our students in the board examinations both in AISSCE&AISSE is noteworthy during the year. We are happy to announce that in Class X Board examination , 12 of our students secured A1 grade in all the subjects and 35 of them securing 90 and above and the Topper in plus two is with 98 in Biology. We ever grateful to all our committed staff for their diligent service rendered in maintaining the academic excellence over the years which is a hall mark of Fusco. Hats off to the students and staff who proved to be outstanding. Well done!! Dear friends and heartfelt appreciation to our dear teachers for your sacrifice and commitment that reaped a good harvest.

The melody queens of Fusco Senior Sec school took part in the carols competition conducted by the Keralodaya vayanashala, Nellikutty.The Angelic voice resounded so sweet bringing the message of peace and love winning a cash prize of Rs. 3000/ as first prize. Congratulations to you dear friends. Keep it up!!
Our Toppers in Class X were also the recipients of Late Johnson Odakkal Memory award.

Our Budding Fuscoites … A Blessing……

It was a spectacular sight to see the tiny tots being accompanied by their parents promising their support throughout. Great was it, indeed! To see them stepping into the portals of Fusco with their tears and cheers awakening all of us in the campus. They were welcomed with a special prayer service seeking showers of blessings from the Almighty.

The Parents’ –Teachers’ meeting and the seminar for parents on Nature Cure was conducted for our enthusiastic and young parents and the response was marveling, accepting their responsibility and eagerness to be healthy parents to take good care of their children . Sincere thanks and appreciation to all who made the sessions very interactive and interesting with their valuable suggestions. As a result of this, we the Fuscoites promised to go for homemade sweets on birthdays instead of chocolates. Genuine appreciation to all our parents for their wholehearted cooperation in this regard expressing their great concern for us. Thank you dear parents.

Milestones during the Year

“The purpose of Education is to enable individuals to reach their full potential as human being”.

The integrated formation of the students is the prime concern of Fusco. The school provides opportunities for students to develop their God given talents through various programs.

  • Investiture ceremony was held on 23rd June. The newly elected leaders were honoured with badges.
  • Regular Open days to enhance better rapport between parents and teachers and to discuss the progress of students.
  • Value based assemblies for classes plus two to play school.
  • Class wise assembly, to develop leadership quality and self confidence through their stage performance.
  • Investiture ceremony was held on 23rd June. The newly elected leaders were honoured with badges.
  • A book for the library or a sapling on birthdays is unique at Fusco.
  • Quiz competition on different occasions was conducted
  • In addition to the regular curriculum Various Scholarship exams taken up by the students enable them to prepare better for their competitive exams in the future. Special word of encouragement for students who secured Special award and merit certificates in National level colouring, hand writing and collage competition.
  • The aspiring journalists in class VII&VIII went on Newspaper writing as part of their language project.
  • Class magazine is yet another initiative to bring about the literary skills among students. Hats off to Sr. Ronika for all her pioneering initiatives and efforts making us motivated.
  • Besides the regular curriculum a day to relish and cherish is always looked forward by our students. Three days educational tour was arranged to Trivandrum, Kanyakumari and Ernakulum for our students of class X and Senior Students to Hyderabad.
  • Seminars and workshops on self esteem is made part of the curriculum to ensure better life management and in turn to build a better world with a harmonious life ahead.

Sports and Games

Games and competitions strengthen team spirit. The various house competitions were held under the able guidance of Mrs. Deepa Joshy our P.E.T instructor. The students enjoyed taking part in volley ball, Basket ball, annual athletic meet, &Annual Sahodaya meet.

We are enthralled to announce that the North Sahodaya Annual Athletic meet Runner up Cup is bagged by the Fuscoites. From among the 74 schools that participated, the Fuscoites proved as champions in different fields in sports and games. The overall championship is secured by under 14 girls and individual championship won by Neethumol P. Sibi. Dear friends we feel proud of you for your sense of dedication and effort that brought laurels to your Alamater. Kudos!! to Neethumol P. Sibi for your stupendous performance and special word of appreciation to Mrs. Deepa Joshy for her enormous commitment , perseverance and hard work that reaped a good harvest making Fusco senior Sec. School stand atop. We are proud of you dear Deepa Ma’am.


Independence Day was celebrated with pomp and gaiety honouring our national leaders. On this memorable day the fuscoites honoured the senior most staff in Fusco family namely Mrs. Jolly Sebastian and Mr. Paili. Mrs. Jolly unfurled the national flag and inspired the students with her empowering message.

“A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others.” September 5th a day for teachers where the students to express their love for their teachers. We the Fuscoits also celebrated the teacher’s day in a grand manner. Each and every teacher was specially invited on the stage by mentioning their different qualities. Entertaining programs were conducted for them. Variety games were arranged in which the teaching and non-teaching staff participated with vigour and high energy. Both teachers and students enjoyed the whole day. A letter box was also specially kept in which students posted the “love letters” for their teachers which made them feel special on the day.

The children paid their respect and affection to their teachers through their enchanting performance on teacher’s day. The student teachers took up the responsibility and left their teachers relax. The student Principal Master Siddharth of class XII was on his heels to look into all matters concerning the day. The student teachers expressed, this, as a unique experience, to be in the shoes of their teachers to understand them better. They felt respected and accepted by their own companions and school mates. Kudos! to the young Fuscoites for the work well done!

Onam the harvest festival of Kerala was celebrated in the School. Students, teaching and non teaching staff and PTA Executive together shared the Traditional Onasadya. The sumptuous onam meal served happily along with the PTA executive was a cherishing moment for all of us bringing the joy of sharing. Few games were also part of the day.
It was now the teachers’ turn to relive their childhood memories making their students enjoy the day with lot of fun and games.

Father’s day

It was the day of father’s whose love we recalled with gratitude on 17th June. Fusco family fondly recognized the greatness of all fathers all over the world and honoured Shri. K.P Kunjiraman Pooparamba as our big father in the locality. It was a heart touching moment for him having done that act of love.

Internal Inspection

On August 22nd and 23rd, the internal inspection was held in the school. The team of sisters under the leadership of Rev. Sr. Motcham the educational coordinator conducted the inspection. Their visit and observation of every class carefully brought us encouragement and motivation. We sincerely thank them for their words of applause and valuable suggestions for further improvements. The sisters’ presence in the campus added energy and enthusiasm. They were all in appreciation of all the creative talents of the students and the staff for their committed service shared in the cause of education.

Fusco Fest

The Fusco Fest 2016 was conducted on 25th, 26th and 27th of August. The cultural fest was a great opportunity for the students to bring out their talents. It started with our kinder garten students on 25th of August. The tiny tots’ mesmerizing performance was witnessed by the parents too. The entire school was on a festive mood for three days with colourful celebrations winning certificates and trophies. The three days were left behind with memories so sweet and opportunities well utilized. In Sahodaya cultural fest too good number of students secured outstanding and excellent grades.

The spirit of Christmas was celebrated in the school with carols competition between the four houses. The melodies sounded rhythmically bringing the mood of Christmas in the campus.

In-service training

In this era of knowledge explosion, an institution of learning needs to develop certain dynamism to keep pace with the relentless wheel of change. Several programs such as seminars and workshops are conducted and were attended by the teachers at various intervals.

  • Orientation day and seminars were conducted for the staff to elevate their spirit and enthusiasm of teaching -learning.
  • Seminar for our ,primary and High school teachers at different intervals making their class room teaching- learning more effective.
  • Training programme for our Kindergarten teachers making them more effective in class room.
  • Subject wise CCE Training for high school and Hr. Sec Teachers.
  • Monthly staff meetings bring healthy rapport among the staff and management enabling to obtain better results both in academics and Co- Curricular activities.

Abilities ignited

Education is providing opportunities, posing challenges, innovating to encourage new thinking, supporting students so that they can develop life skills. The three days of Cultural fest held in the campus opened vistas to exhibit their hidden talents enabling them to express themselves in different art forms. Our Friends Irene Shyju and Lena T Saji of Class VII represented the State cultural fest in Adimali for Mono act and Malayalam Essay writing respectively.

Special Moments to cherish

The Fusocites expressed their compassion and solidarity with the most needy by visiting New Malabar Rehabilitation centre, Neeleshwaram. The inmates were extremely happy to have our presence and we in turn made them happy by being with them and listening to them. It was an eye opener to all of us to love and care for our aged parents later. This visit made us feel fortunate about our gift of life and helped to be responsible for our needy neighbor in line with the spirit of our beloved founder Saint Alfonso M. Fusco.

Field Trips and Trekking

Nature nurtures and cures, was experienced as the students of class plus one and plus two went on a trekking to Palakkyamthattu. They shared their exiting experience and left us with exhilaration. The field trip to Pattuvam Samskruthy Sahajeevana Kendra –“An Eco Musement park” was an educational and edifying experience for various classes which still leaves with captivating memories for students. Learning by being part of nature, getting wet, climbing up and falling down getting up to move on. Everything they learnt there, were lessons for life indeed.

P.T.A Executive

Our parents are a great source of strength at all levels. We deeply appreciate your connectedness and concern towards the growth of this institution. Thanks to our vibrant PTA Executive Members for their creative suggestions and energetic involvement in all our endeavours. Thank you very much for your sense of belonging and responsibility so encouraging. Special Thanks to PTA president Mr. Manuel Parathanal, father of Shone Rex and Shane Rex and Vice President Mrs. Beena panathanam mother of Sania and Angel for your availability and lively presence. We appreciate your openness and wholehearted teamwork. Our profound thanks to Mr. Thomas Karakkunnel for sponsoring this year Deepika Newspapers for various classes. . We deeply appreciate your suggestions and cooperation dear parents.


Well done!! Dear young and dynamic teachers who join hands with us toiling vigorously for the formation and transformation of our students. I place on record all your efforts which brought brilliant academic results over the years, a hall mark of Fusco School. Wish God’s blessings to continue to work together with us fashioning the young minds under our care. Thank you so much. We are ever indebted to all our non teaching and support staff for their diligence, zeal, eagerness and sense of belongingness to Fusco family. We are ever grateful to you for your hard work you put in, making every celebration a grand success.

Thank you and God Bless !!
Sr. Shiny Stephen

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